Should Homework Be Banned?

For years now, homework has been a bone of contention amongst scholars, teachers, parents, and obviously the victim involved which are the students. Homework being a part of the study has brought in several questions that need careful attention before answering. Despite the age differences and level attained should homework be encouraged in all levels of education or it should be sidelined in some classes?

Regardless of the agitation and stress homework brings, it also benefits the students and teachers. The beauty of a take-home assignment is how it unites the classroom activities with the outside world. The assignment encourages students to see the world better than it seems because the lessons learned in the classroom have to be taken to the society. It is also evident that the target of homework is to build students that can stand all by themselves and make critical decisions. Homework teaches time management, discipline, and focus to students early in their lives. For best tips and ideas on how to tackle assignments fast, visit our blog at 123Homework and be sure you’ll get inspired right away.

Notwithstanding the things that seem so good about homework, other things make homework bad as well. The tension imposed on students just because they have a task to do is saddening. Children are supposed to enjoy their childhood, but homework seems to burden them a lot. Some teachers also find it hard to support the use of homework for students’ progress in school. The teachers, after giving the homework, will also have to mark the student’s solution. This brings in double stress for the teachers.

Over the years, homework has been used to check students’ progress in schools, but the question is, has it ever worked out? It has become a routine, and it is of the same pattern, but it doesn’t feel right or brings out a successful track record. The primary concern now is how to make homework more active and yield the rightful purpose for which it was started in the first place.

Many will agree that to build a better student and a more relevant youth, then extra time of dedication to a course is essential. On the other side, many mental illnesses have been recorded because of homework and the stress attached. What then is the way forward? The most crucial focus of homework must be the operative pattern that must yield results in the students and everyone associated with it. Most teachers have lost their focus, so they give homework for giving sake. They assign homework with a wrong mind, and this has not helped students at all.

Homework must not lose its relevance and purpose, which means it must be assigned to students to achieve a total independent learning way. It is expected that when homework is given, students must take their time and think properly to understand the terms of the study.

Should homework be banned or allowed in schools? The answer is left for you to decide, but the thought behind it is the most critical condition that must be considered.

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