Homework Can Lead To Depression

Depression is a prolonged period of severe sadness, sometimes accompanied by occasional thoughts of self-harm or suicide.

Homework may not cause depression, but it can trigger depressive and suicidal thoughts. Too much homework has been proven by researchers to impact students’ physiological and psychological well-being significantly. Sitting in a place for too long affects the muscles negatively. The human body needs to move around or be exercised to be in good shape. Students spend long hours in school only to return home to start another series of sitting and brainstorming. Rather than brainstorming, your brain needs sufficient time to rest to yield the maximum result for you. Students who do their homework regularly will most likely stake having friends and healthy relationships with their family members. This can even be worse if the child always finds it difficult to solve homework–they tend to have mood swings and may not control their emotions effectively. They are liable to being violent or toxic.

Students often resort to using drugs when they can no longer cope with the school’s tough demands or totally become nonchalant. Too much homework has been proven to be mostly ineffective due to its bulky nature. However, it can reinforce what is taught in the classroom. After school, what students need is rest– not more work to task their brain. Stress, when not monitored gradually, breeds depression. You begin to wonder about your existence and what you really want. Too much homework can expressly trigger these thoughts. Until this present era, depression was associated with adults, but in this age, depression is more common among students, especially young youths. Many parents have taken their children lightly when they inform them about their suicidal and depressive thoughts. As a result, many have been lost to suicide. This menace, if not adequately checked, will continue to rise at an alarming rate. Perhaps, many children were not properly taught how to handle the difficulties of life and have gotten us to this phase we are in now.

Time of rest and play should be prioritized after school to have a healthy mindset and relationship between students, their families, and friends. The most regretful stage of depression is the denial stage– where you are going through sadness and do not want to admit it, whether consciously or unconsciously. Students in this stage may or may not have this reflected in their academic performance. Many of them later become sadists; who never appreciate anything no matter how much they do. Teachers need to create effective ways of personalizing each student’s assignment and not generalize their abilities and weaknesses. Sometimes, 10-minutes based homework can be more effective than a 1-hour type. It all boils down to the quality of the homework. It is better when it is beneficial and not stereotypical. It is advisable to provide students with proper help to ease the burden of homework they feel every day. The only problem is to choose the best service because there are lots of them over the internet. To begin with, you can read about the best homework cheat sites and choose the most appropriate for yourself.

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