What Is Your Take on the Cult of Homework?

What is your take on the cult of homework? As many claims, the current teachers and parents are the product of homework. Some religious groups and organizations claim that homework is not essential to students. According to their argument, students spend more of their time reading and working on their homework assignments. Do you think student’s homework Is a good thing?

Some parents also think that assignment is more stressing to their kids. By the time they come back home are exhausted and need time to take a breeze from books.

Do homework make students better than without attending to them. Who helps them do their assignments? There is a need to critically analyses and review the importance of homework to students.

Disadvantages of the cult of homework?

  • Overloads leaners

If you ask most people against issuing assignments to their kids, they will comment on the workload. Students are overwhelmed with homework that denies them time to interact with their families back home. It is like carrying the school back home. Every time they get back home have to go back to books and read. Teachers are also affected by the cult of giving assignments after every class. It increases their workload because they must review the student’s homework and handle their normal classwork.

Parents are not out of the bait of task overload. They will have to support their kids in writing their assignments as well as assuming their parental roles.

  • Poor Homework policy

Who regulates the type and homework quantity students get from their teachers? Some parents complain that there is no clear policy framework policy on the assignments to give to students. Teachers give a lot of work that overwhelms the students. Some assignments are but too hard to be handled by the students without support from either their teachers or peer. Though challenging homework allows learners to research extensively and learn from the environment outside the classroom, it is not tailored to their ability.

  • Homework disadvantaged students from poor backgrounds

Not all students will have the ability to relax and study comfortably from home. Some even lack essential facilities for reading from home. Study rooms are necessary for homework quality. Not every family will afford a good study room necessary for learning.

Some elder siblings from poor backgrounds are taking care of their younger brothers and sisters. They may not have time for books when they get home. Giving a huge homework quantity to such learners may be stressful and a waste of their time.

  • Some teachers focus on quantity rather than quality

Homework should help learners learn and understand what they learn in class. Some teachers think that homework is for keeping learners busy while at home. They may end up giving assignments that are substandard in testing important concepts. Some homework assignments from teachers do not build learners’ knowledge in their careers and profession.

  • Inadequate materials for homework

Some homework tasks may need materials and equipment to facilitate the learning process. Teachers may not have this material to issue to their learners. As a result, learners and parents struggle to find the necessary materials for the homework assignment, which may be impractical.

To avoid the challenge of costly materials or inadequate resources from home for homework, teachers assign substandard tasks that do not nature or support learners’ career development.


Assignments are not bad, as people may say. But there is a need to review the type of work students receive from teachers. Some assignments are more than what a student can handle independently. Though some teachers may claim that homework helps students improve their performance, it may not be true for all learners. Some assignments stress students and deny that time to relax and have time with their families after school.

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