Manfredi Leone.

Prof. Arch. Manfredi Leone,
Ph. D. Born in Palermo, Italy 1968. Associate Professor and Researcher in Landscape Architecture at the Polytechnic School (former Faculty of Architecture) of the University of Palermo. Graduated in Architecture in 1997 at the University of Palermo. In 2002 he is graduated as Ph.D. in Urban and Architectural Design at the University of Rome 3 presenting a work about the “Role of Urban Green Areas in sustainable cities”.

Since 2001 is member in many research programs of the Italian Ministry for University and Research. He is Visiting Professor at the School of Architecture of the Catholic University of America (Washington DC USA, 2002), at The Royal School of Fine Arts in Copenhagen (Denmark, 2008), at The Faculty of Engineering in Amman (Jordan, 2009), at the Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, 2013), at the University of Western Australia (Perth, 2015), at the School of Architecture in Malaga (Spain, 2015). He signed many International Design Competitions, including the 1st prize at the 2008 edition of “Pasquale Culotta International Competition” for the first built work within Sicily. He works as Landscape Archietcture firm in Italy, and he signed the deisgn of Parco Uditore in Palermo: a Social and Low cost Landscape Design. He is author of books, articles and published studies. He offers at the Universty of Palermo the Studio named “Gardens and Landscape Architecture”, and the Studio named “Architectural Morphology and Typology.